Approvals – Why and How to Use Them

Do you have a Virtual Assistant or a Social Media Manager? Then utilizing our approval system inside the HUB allows you to simplify your process and keep communication easy.
The Approvals feature allows your team member to show you the content they’ve created in the system without it getting posted while giving you the power to add feedback on each post needing approval.
Try the approval feature out today by clicking on the ‘approvals’ button on the left side of your screen.
Does your team member need their own username and password? Contact us today through the chat button in the bottom corner of your screen so we can help you to accomplish this.

In today’s highlight, we’re gonna be covering approvals and why to use them and when to use them. First, we’re gonna start out here in your content library because I want to point something out to you that is an important thing to keep an eye on. When you are creating content, some of you may see when you click create content, some of you may see that a different symbol here. Right now there’s a checkbox in a circle and it says, this content does not require approval. If I click it now, it gives me an exclamation point inside of a triangle. That means this content has not been approved yet. If it has not been approved and you go ahead and schedule it, or you go ahead and add a category so it’s auto-filled into a schedule, then it will not get posted unless it has been approved.

When you’re creating content, what I want you to get in the habit of doing is making sure that these buttons up here are where you want them. Is the content approved? Is it is recycling disabled or is it enabled? Which will cover that in another video. But these symbols up here are important to pay attention to. I wanted to point that out to you before we go over more in depth of approvals and when to use them and why to use them. I’m gonna X out of here and on the left hand side, right underneath, create the second option down. You’re going to see approvals. Go ahead and click on that. Now, when you do a content approval, you can choose what content you want to send, either to a client for approval or to say you have a virtual assistant or a social media manager. They can choose which content they want to send to you so that you can approve the content before it gets posted if they are creating content for you.

To create an approval, all you’re going to do is click on new approval. You’re going to click you’ll give it a title. I’m just gonna put in test, and then you’re gonna select the content. So I only have one piece of content in my content library, so I’m gonna click on that. You also have the option of clicking on cap per category. So if you want to be able to see which you or your social media manager is creating content for a specific category, then they can separate that out by clicking on the categories listed on the left. Then you’re going to select the piece of content or the pieces of content, you can select multiple. And then in the bottom left hand corner, you’re gonna click add items.

Now you can see that it has one item selected and this box you can check or not check internal approval. All that means is clients will not be notified for activity happening on an internal approval. And you can type in comments here, Needed approval. Then you’ll click on create approval. What that’s going to do is it’s going to generate a link. Once this is done, you can then come over here to the gear icon. You can copy the link, you can view the approval or edit the approval.

And lastly, you can delete the approval altogether. If you are a virtual assistant or a social media manager using the hub to help your your boss create content and you wanna send this to her or him, then you click on copy link and it’ll copy that link and you can send that right over to her once the link gets opened. Let’s go ahead and take a look at what that looks like. It’s going to open up a new window. This is content to approve. We see the title that you put in here, and then the comment you made needed approval for. Then it’s going to say that this is in the queue for an adult. Say which queue that is. It is in.

The queue that I have this piece of content, it is IG on Monday. And then you’ll, you’ll be able to see the caption as well and the category and you can add in. Your boss can then add in comments. They could type in, you know, use a different photo please or edit and edit caption to include a CTA or whatever it might be. Then you’ll click comment and you can either approve or disapprove all content. So right now I’m gonna click approve and then you’re done.

That is your brief overview of content approvals and what you can do with your team to best utilize the hub. Please let us know if you have any questions. Be sure to utilize our chat feature in the bottom right hand corner. We’d love to hear from you and hear what you’re doing inside the hub. And we hope to see you on our next implementation today.

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