Content Library Overview

Get to know your Content Library by thinking of it as a place to house all of the content you create. See how to use bulk operations such as importing recent posts from Facebook or Twitter, uploading content through a CSV file, and more. Your content library is the perfect place to begin automating your content strategy, although we understand learning a new platform such as the HUB can be overwhelming at times so be sure to check out How To Automate Your Social Media Without The Overwhelm

In today’s highlight, I’m going to be doing a quick overview of your content library. Now your content library is com comprised of every content item you’ve created. It tracks performance, you can update your content add to your schedules and more directly from the library. So think of your content library as just what it says it is. It’s a library that houses all of your content in one place. So this is where you are going to come to create content. This is where you can manage and add to your content categories. And this is also where you can see all of the content you have available as well as clicking on a piece of content to edit, to copy it, schedule it, or delete it.

Now there are a couple things I would like to point out to you as well. Inside your content library, you can order by the date it was created so you can date created times, posted, unused so many options here. Then you can also filter your content a different way by using this search bar right here. So this feature right here is a great way to see what is unused, how many times something has been posted. If you feel like it’s been posted too much, maybe it’s time to switch up the photo or switch up the hook. Maybe not get rid of it altogether, but see how it, that piece of content is performing and go from there. You can also do it by the content title, where it appears in the, in your schedule queue, and also viewing unapproved content first. This is your content library.

It’s going to show you the stats on the right hand side of how many pieces of content you have and how many times you personally have posted using the hub. Then lastly, the thing that you can do inside of your content library is how you view it. So you can view it by the image, you can view it as a list. Those two views are available to you. And then this is more of your bulk operations. So your bulk image upload, you can upload a CSV or import recent posts from, say a Facebook group you have had for years and years and years. You can import recent posts directly into the hub from your Facebook group. And then you can also manage your library through bulk operations here as well.

You can add bulk captions, you can recategorize your content and select default accounts or bulk delete content. So this is your brief overview of the content library. If you have any questions, please hop into the chat and we’ll see you next week for your next highlight.

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