Emojis New and Improved

Using emojis is essential to the effectiveness of your posts on social media. This week we are highlighting an improved feature inside the HUB…who doesn’t like more emojis?

Are you using enough emojis? How many are too many? Exactly how effective are emojis in your social media marketing? Click the video to find out more.

In today’s weekly highlight, we are going to be talking about emojis because emoji using emojis on all social platforms have showed to show, have shown to increase the performance of your social media post as many marketers use them, in their social media posts in. email marketing, they are everywhere and they have been proven to be effective.

So in general, Facebook produces 57% more likes. 33% more comments and 33% more shares. On Instagram, 50% of all comments and captions contain emojis. And on Twitter 24. , percent more engagement. So it is essential that we use these emojis in our marketing and everyone here at the Hub and on the social tenacity team absolutely love using emojis in our marketing as well.

and it’s not just us. As you can see in those results I just mentioned, millions of people use emojis in their messages, solidifying their place in their daily, posting schedule. So the emoji picker within the hub has been enhanced.

This is an improvement or new feature that our engineering team has been working hard on because it’s something that our clients have requested. So let’s go ahead and take a look at what this enhanced feature looks like. So let’s click on our content library and then let’s click on create content and captions.

All of your emojis are going to live right here inside of the caption box. Inside of the HUB. Let’s say we wanna type Hello. We can click here, and we have updated all of our emojis to reflect a similar pattern on what you might see on your iPhone or on your Android phone or whatever it might be.

We wanted to mimic those same emojis so that they’re similar across the board, so you can find all of your emojis here. We’ve added some and we’ll continue to add some as necessary. So definitely get using emojis in your marketing. There is a line in which you don’t want to cross in using too many emojis.

Sometimes I see so many that it’s like it’s almost distracting. So use some, but don’t go overboard is the recommendation of that we have here. So definitely be using emojis. But ask yourself, is this distracting to the person who is reading it or is it just the right way to point out the

points in my caption that I want them to see the most? Let us know how you are planning to use emojis more in the future, or how you plan to use this new and improved feature. We’ll see you next week.

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