How to Recycle or Repurpose Content

Recycling your content can be a highly effective way to save yourself time and money, though there’s certainly a right and a wrong way to do it. If done correctly, you can ensure that your feeds are posted to regularly, and that your audience is receiving a steady stream of valuable material. While this kind of “recycling” may not be saving the rainforests, it will free up some time and money for you to spend elsewhere; perhaps, making this world a better place?

In this post, I’ll be discussing The Hub’s recycling feature; and how you can leverage it to make the most of the content that you create!

How does it work?

The Hub’s content recycling feature lets you automatically funnel content for yourself or your clients into individual “queues” to be posted out again at a later date. You can turn recycling on or off for a particular piece of content with just the click of a button, and take a quick peak at your queues to see what will be going out on any given day. Coupled with The Hub’s auto-captioning, you can relax knowing that your content can, if you choose, go out with a different caption than it had done previously – keeping your audience engaged!

What are the Do’s?

  • Do double check your captions, and add more if you’d like!
  • Do add content to unique queues to ensure a great balance of posts over time.
  • Do continue to create new content when you can; your audience will love fresh content, and you’ll have more in your queue for future use!
  • Do analyze your posts, and select the best of the best for recycling.
  • Do re-post from guests or other external shout-outs; hello free content!

What are the Don’ts?

  • Don’t recycle content too frequently; and be sure to balance recycled content with fresh, new posts.
  • Don’t recycle content that had a one-time purpose; for example, a coupon code that won’t work at a later date!
  • Don’t recycle content that is specific to a time of year or season, without checking when it will next be recycled; (you won’t want your New Years Eve post going out in July)!
  • Don’t forget to post across multiple platforms; cross-platform posting can be a great way to get more bang for your buck content-wise.

The team at The Hub is passionate about helping you scale your agency, and our tool can absolutely help you do that! If you’d like a demo of the content recycling feature, or have questions about how we could help!

As always, find us on Facebook and let our team know what you’re up to, and how we can help!

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