Important Notice Regarding Meta’s Deprecation of Facebook Groups

This notice only applies to users relying on post automation to Facebook groups. 

To make a more apparent distinction between Facebook Groups and Pages, Meta has recently decided to remove API support for post automation to Facebook Groups.

So, what does this mean for agencies and their customers using automated Facebook Group posting? 

After April 15th, you will no longer be able to post to Facebook Groups using the Social Tenacity Hub, and the Hub will not log any new data from Groups. 

Additionally, Meta’s action will automatically sever any Facebook Groups connected to the Hub, meaning they will be disconnected from the platform. No new Group data will be collected as of 4/15, but any data collected from Groups prior to this will remain. 

This change means users relying on Facebook Groups and data reports should act before the April 15th cutoff to create any reports and adjust their posting methods.

While this change affects all third-party social media management platforms, we will be the first to let you know if Meta rescinds this decision. 

Why Is Meta Deprecating Facebook Group API Support?

This change to Groups is driven by Facebook’s parent company, Meta, to create clear distinctions between Groups and Pages.

For reference, Facebook Groups are like social rooms based on specific topics or interests, such as hobbies, movies, television shows, music, musicians, etc., focusing on organic social conversations instead of automated marketing messages. 

Facebook Pages are positioned as the default location for businesses, offering support for marketing automation, data collection, and conversation management. 

How to Transition From Facebook Groups to Pages

To future-proof your business and get the most from your Facebook social media marketing, we encourage you to transition the business-focused Groups you manage to business Pages. 

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