Improve Your Conversion Rates on Social Media

So, your client has a killer website, and your team is working diligently to drive traffic to their site. But, their marketing conversion rate feels stagnant. Sure, you’re helping them close more business, but it’s at the cost of a greater ad spent, and more time spent on SEO. The trick to ensuring a greater ROI for your client is to improve their conversion rate. You’ll want to make sure that you’re not only getting more traffic to their site, but that these customers are spending the big bucks.  

In this post, let’s take a look at some strategies for improving conversion rates for your marketing clients. And hey – you can use these tips for your business, too!

Tips To Improve Marketing Conversion Rate:

Instill A Sense of Urgency

In 2020, most internet users spent an average of 10-20 seconds on each web page:  not long at all if you’re trying to sell a product. With consumer attention spans dwindling and with so much competition online, it’s more important than ever to instill a sense of urgency in your copy. 

OptinMonster wrote a great post on exactly how to do this, and shared some keywords that you can incorporate into your banners to get users converting before they lose interest. These include:

  • “Limited time”
  • “Today only”
  • “Act Now”
  • “Hurry”
  • “Last Chance”
  • “Final Sale”
  • “Clearance”
  • “Close-Out”

Leverage A Call to Action

A call to action may be as simple as a big red button that says “add to cart”. But, did you know that removing steps between the call to action and the final credit card swipe can really bolster your conversion rate? Amazon’s one-click to buy is a “prime” example of this, (no pun intended). In less than a second, you’re called to make a purchase, and before you know it your order has been placed and your conversion is complete.

Know Your Audience

It’s all good and well that you’re increasing traffic to your site, or your client’s, but are these the right people for the product that you’re selling? Really understanding your consumer’s buying behaviors and tailoring your site to them specifically can really help improve your conversion rates. This will in turn improve the return on ad spend, especially, if you’re using cost-per-click techniques, as these clicks will all be coming from consumers that you already know will love your product.

Use Pop-Up’s Effectively

Ever been on a site and right before you click away to a new tab you see a pop-up for a 20% off coupon? The timing of this is no coincidence. Brands can see how long, on average, consumers spend on their site, and will often throw in a Hail Mary pop-up right before they think a consumer will click away. Personally, I’ve seen this used effectively on furniture websites such as Wayfair and Overstock. You can do this too! Take a look at the average time spent on your site, and a second or two before that, throw a pop-up into the mix with a fresh call to action.

Using these top 4 tips to tailor your marketing strategy can really help you & your clients improve conversion rates and improve your bottom line. Have you tried any of these strategies out, or seen competitors use them in your niche?

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