Using AI to Generate Social Media Captions

I am super excited to show you about the new chat GPT integration we have inside the hub. this is now active in all of your hub accounts, so I’m going to show you how to utilize it. you’re going to come to your content library. We are going to create a new piece of content. With your new piece of content, you’re going to add an image. And then, whatever images that you want, and then you’re going to come here to captions.

We’re going to have where you would normally write out your captions, but you can actually generate captions right here. I’m going to click on generate captions, And then here, we’re going to type what we want. So we are going to create a post about okay. We gave it a topic right here. Then you can create what kind of tone that you want to have it in. If you want it a witty, humorous, formal, you know, so whatever your brand tone is, you can choose what the tone. I’m going to click on witty. And then you can also choose what kind of platform you want to write this for. So are you writing this for a Facebook post for an Instagram post? So let’s say we’re going to just make this one just for Facebook.

It’s also going to give us three captions. So I’m going to click on submit and it’s going to generate. Our posts right here. All right. So now we have these three that are for Facebook. And if we’re like, okay, I really like this one, we’re going to use that one. And maybe this one, if we want to edit them, we can come here and we can edit. Like what it says, and then we can say, okay, done editing and save captions.

All right. So now we have these, it’s already scheduled just for Facebook. We have our different captions that we have on here. Now, if we want to create a different caption for say, let’s say Twitter, we can come here and generate again. Well, let’s say humorous this time. And let’s say we want to create something for Twitter and also for LinkedIn. If we want to include hashtags, we can also include hashtags. And it’s going to pull hashtags that are related to what our topic is. Okay, so now we have our different different captions here and we can say. Okay, this is, you can see it changes up a little bit. That is what it’s going to say for LinkedIn. This is what it’s going to say for Twitter.

I would suggest that you don’t just post exactly what this is. Use this as a way to kind of just give you some ideas of what to. Talk about and you want to make sure that it’s still is your voice and that it is you that’s coming up with these ideas, right? So we have this idea right here and we can come here and edit it, change it up and You know say whatever it is. We want to say in here change this up Like bring on the jokes maybe that’s not something that I would say so I could take that out You want to make it sound like you then once you have that all saved then you can click on save captions.

We’ll have our Facebook ones and then we can go through and schedule it just like normal. That is how you can now start using our integrated AI to start creating different captions. This is just really good to start. Getting those juices flowing like how do I say something and use it more of like an outline and then go in, change it up, make it your own and then add it to the rest of your schedule. This should help you come up with lots of different ways to be able to talk. About what it is that you do to grow your business and to do in a way that is a huge time saver because that is what the hub is all about. Happy creating.

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